I Think He’s an Actuary

By Isabel Brome Gaddis

The Most Boring Man in the World

is more important than you realize.

It is his job to keep time


Under his influence,


and minutes

sit next to each other like lego blocks.

So if you meet him,

please do not do him “a favor”

and take him someplace “fun”

where time will “fly by”

or we’re all doomed.


Isabel Brome Gaddis earned her bachelor’s degree in Earth and Planetary Sciences from MIT and worked as a geophysicist at Shell, then as a technical writer and copywriter at Microsoft. She studied playwriting at Freehold Theatre in Seattle, writing for television at UCLA, screenwriting with Corey Mandell, and creative writing with Jack Grapes. She also holds four certificates in embroidery and design from City and Guilds of London.

Her work is forthcoming in OnTheBus.

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