Issue 6.2



The Pine Man’s Shed by Hunter Liguore

Fresh Bait by Eliot Garson

The Gomi Sea by Michael C. Keith

A Fistful of Rocks by Chase Dearinger

Rain by Janet Marie Sola

The Wooden Saxophone by Leonid Storch

The Passage Between by Rich Ives


The Find by Sandra Irwin

those mornings on the beach by Kate LaDew

there’s an atomic clock ticking by my record player table by Kate LaDew

Summer Between Freshman and Sophomore Years by Auzelle Epeneter

Earthworms by Rita Rud

Pepper II by Meredith Davies Hadaway

“We Share 60 Percent of Our DNA with a Banana” by Meredith Davies Hadaway

Grandma’s Garden by Derek Otsuji

Happy Dream by Derek Otsuji

Seat Profile by Ken Haas

The Politician by John Lee Clark

War Time by Bob Meszaros

Boots by Mia Sara

Minotaur in His Cave by John Lavitt

The Voices of Angels by Kirby Wright

At a Standstill by Donna L. Emerson

Lumpy by Angela Sharman

Perspective by Angela Sharman

Ranch on the Side by Jon Epstein

Love Not for Sale by Jon Epstein

News Sendai, Japan…Beach Walk Sanibel Island, USA by Barbara Rockman

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