Pepper II

By Meredith Davies Hadaway

No one knows why


Pharaoh Ramses II was


found with peppercorns


stuffed up his nose, but



we have our suspicions.




After 30 years of reign


he made himself a god,


and, yes, his corpse


survives—was flown to



Paris under an Egyptian


passport noting


Occupation: King


(deceased)—not God


and sadly, not immortal.



Unless you are a god,


don’t shove pepper up


your nose—when you


sneeze, air leaves your



nose at 100 miles per


hour and you should


really try not to


squander it.



Meredith Davies Hadaway is the author of two poetry collections, The River is a Reason (2011) and Fishing Secrets of the Dead (2005). In addition to publishing poems and reviews in various literary journalsshe serves as poetry editor for The Summerset Review. Hadaway is VP College Relations & Marketing for Washington College.

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