Minotaur In His Cave

By John Lavitt

spends all day, before the hunt

and spittle of savage night,

choosing, trying to choose.


woman, cow?  girl, calf?

such lovely lips, a beautiful snout,

the muscular thighs, a milky breast.


i am man and you are beast.

you are beast and i am man.

i am beast and you are eaten.


the cave smells of bone and blood.

i should eat in the tall grass,

on the cliffs overlooking the sea.


my father won’t ever talk to me.

he will fight, butt horns, maul

my jewels, and gore my button.


my mother denies my existence.

it was such a horrible birth.

the baby died painlessly, right?


caught between the universe

and her mirror, i laugh.

laughter echoes in the cave.


the bull wants the woman.

the man wants the cow.

each wants to be the other.



Growing up as a stutterer, John Lavitt always saw poetry as a way to express himself beyond the challenges of simply getting the words out. He went on to do a paid internship at The New Yorker, graduated with honors from Brown University’s Literature and Society program, and was later proud to be given a solo reading at Shakespeare & Company in Paris. He worked very closely with the poet Robert Lax on the Greek island of Patmos in 1989 and 1997. Robert taught him the importance of developing his craft without fear or doubt and with grace and humor.

After serving as a literary manager in Hollywood for many well-known screenwriters, he became partner in the Content Director of Open-Interactive. He also currently runs the Hepatitis Connect website for Alliance Health Networks. In an incredible turning lemons into lemonade moment, the company hired him after reading his blog that focused on his treatment in a recent clinical trial and its emphasis on the importance of raising HCV awareness. He was grateful to learn he was cured at the beginning of 2012.

His published and forthcoming creative works include poems featured in My Kind Of Angel, a compilation volume of writers paying tribute to William Burroughs (Stride Publications,1998), as well as pieces in three separate Chicken Soup For The Soul volumes.

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