Love Not for Sale

By Jon Epstein

(Excerpted from “More than a Boy, Less than a Man”)


I’d expected more and was angry. “Why don’t you get

into it, and enjoy the sex like it’s love between two humans?” I said.

She looked at me like I was crazy, or like out of the hundreds, just one

other had asked her that, or like she knew, I knew, I was less than

a man. She had already redressed in her denim vest, matching skirt,

and had nonchalantly slipped on a fresh pair of panties. The corner

lamp was covered with some lacy material and the curtains were

drawn. The room was filled with shadows, and the walls couldn’t talk.

A cat was crying somewhere outside. “It would kill me,” she answered.



Originally from Hollywood, Jon Epstein now resides in the West Fernando Valley with his wife of twenty-four years. He considers himself an emerging writer and fine artist—one who is inspired by the daily trials and joys of simple life—not to mention: an entrepreneur, musician, surfer, and chef.

He is a contributor to The Judean and a member of The Los Angeles Poets and Writers Collective. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Pierce’s College Voices Collective (2007), Out On The Stoop, Poetic Diversity, and Poetry Superhighway.


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