Issue 6.1

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Yellow Bus by Erin Lynn Cook

Lost and Found by Kathryn Lynch

Jumper by Max Eddy

Christmas Report: Season of Many Dangers by Nancy Scott Hanway

Life Is Finally Perfect for Me by Taylor Koekkoek

Dead on the Turnpike by Joseph Giordano

Lone Star by Trey Edgington

Da Xin by Peter Tieryas Liu

War and Peace: No Connection by Henry G Miller

April 19th by Thorn Rosenthal

The Payback by Kevin Clarkston

Earth Angel by Douglas Cole

Walking Behind by BJ Yudelson

How We Play It by Shelley Stack

Precipitous Fatherhood by Lome A Aseron

Goodbyes and Google Earth by Janeen McGuire Nelson

Piano Lessons by Stephanie Kaplan Cohen

Kept Woman by Michele A Hromada

Bolt by Ronda Muir

No-Man’s Land by Jeni McFarland

Greased Lightning by Jim Landwehr

Catering Job by Eleanore Lee

Invoking the I by Sylvie Beauvais

Between Stone and Air by Audrey Camp

On the Peak to Peak Express by Carolyn Light Bell

Strays by Raud Kennedy

The Little People by Krishan Coupland

The Grim Shady by Michelle Gray

Schrader’s Misdemeanor by Robert Wexelblatt

The Key to my Heart by DA Cairns

Winter at the Pool by Emily Taylor

Facing the Tide by Kevin Coons

A Chance Meeting by George August Meier

Minor Repair by Marcus Pactor

The Drumming by Fred McGavran


Our Stories Now In Progress by Eileen Hennessy

infinite stardust by Liana Kapelke-Dale

Cygnus Grieving by Elizabeth Crowell

Love Poem by Sandra Kolankiewicz

Phillies vrs. Cardinals (September 24th, 1981) by George Korolog

The Painting Left Behind by John Grey

Crenulations | Word Travel | After Searching for a Falling Star at Emandal, Without Success | Intermission by Maureen Martin Appel

New Day | Forsaken | Limbo by Priya Joshi

I Understand Crickets by Emily Strauss

Red Sun | Sink Into by Gay Baines

Fly by Elena Botts

Ice Storm | Granite by Cynthia Eddy

With Bird’s-eye View by Karen Neuberg

Contract by Leslie Ullman

Block Captain | Joe by Holly Day

Irish Sweater by Ralph F Smith

Cactus Juice | With the Best of Intentions by Randy Aittaniemi

Happy Hour at the Bluebird Tavern by Kevin S McCoy

Death Old Friend | The Knife by Douglas Cole

Muir Woods by Erik Bendix

Fallow by Brynn Copeland

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