Issue 5.4

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Drawing Lily by Nancy Bourne

Elise Ivey by Mike Sauve

The Sasquatch Love Serenade by T. Fox Dunham

Morning Train by Donna Baier Stein

Good Use by Michael J. Compton

I Met Death at the Patteson Drive Kroger by Lori D’Angelo

Approaching Wilderness by Gene Twaronite

Blood Money by Susan Knox

Thomas and the Factory by Marlon Sean Hollis

Response to the Mayfly by Rudy Koshar

Bicentennial Evenings by Elizabeth Glass

Comfort Foods by Jen Michalski

Terra Firma by Jane McAdams

Conowingo by Jeff Richards

Strangers on a Plane by Caroline Horwitz

Crave by Eugene Schacht

The Right One by Jessica Levine

Betrayal by Lynne Huffer

Getting to Misha by Janet Yoder


In Memory of Bella Akhmudulina by Andrey Gritsman

Closure by Andrey Gritsman

Unborn by Andrey Gritsman

Room by Andrey Gritsman

Cost of Things by Andrey Gritsman

Queenlier by Sarah Crossland

Emily Dickenson, Cleaning Knives at the Holyoke Female Seminary by Sarah Crossland

The Blindness by Sarah Crossland

Hong Kong by Hiram Goza

Tickfaw by Hiram Goza

Tonto by Lowell Jaeger

How Quickly What’s Passing Goes Past by Lowell Jaeger

At the Monk-a-stery by Lowell Jaeger

Film by Lowell Jaeger

The Cold War by Lowell Jaeger

Fork by Steve McCord

Door by Hugh Behm-Steinberg

Divine Horsemen by Hugh Behm-Steinberg

Dear Dr. Griffin by Ruth Foley

Dear Ardath Bey by Ruth Foley

Almost Naked by Hadley Hury

Boy on the Beach by Hadley Hury

Reading Chekhov Again by Hadley Hury

Ingashaw by A.F. Popper

Dressed Right by Clinton Van Inman

With Graceful Sweep by Clinton Van Inman

Song of Ulysses by Clinton Van Inman

Protocol by Clinton Van Inman

If We Could Dance One Night Away by Clinton Van Inman

Blessings After the Meal by Erik Bendix

Transfiguration by Jaime Lee Kirtz

Replacing: A Parallel Poem by Changming Yuan

My Crow by Changming Yuan

A–Z: Zeugmatic America by Changming Yuan

Epilogues: A Parallel Poem by Changming Yuan

Falling Leaves by Carol Smallwood

The Arrangement of Spices by Carol Smallwood

Seagulls by Carol Smallwood

Sayings by Carol Smallwood

The Purse I Carry by Carol Smallwood

Sense of Place by Henry Rappaport

E=MC2 by Josh Bauer

Judith Even When Sleeping Part III by Josh Bauer

Alchemy by Josh Bauer

Wood Stork Needs Mate by Susan R. Williamson

I don’t write like Charles Wright by J.W. Drake

What words know by J.W. Drake

Drake’s Dream by J.W. Drake

Storybook Meditatio by Stephen Massimilla

Earshot by Richard N. Bentley

To a Departed Cat by Richard N. Bentley

Lifting Snowfall by Richard N. Bentley

Our Lady of the Island by Richard N. Bentley

Crossing the Border by Nabin Kumar Chhetri

Chrysopoiesis by Mark Purcell

Marishka by Mark Purcell

Cinquain by Mark J. Mitchell

For Herself, Again by Mark J. Mitchell

Lares by Mark J. Mitchell

Dreaming of Fourth Grade or Something Like It by Mark J. Mitchell

The End of Time by Mark J. Mitchell

Demolition by Christina Kapp

The Teacher by Christina Kapp

Esse Quam Videri by Christina Kapp

Patterns Paused by Jeannie Chapman Lindthorst

Her Aloneness Was Too Much for Me by Jeannie Chapman Lindthorst

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