Love Poem

By Sandra Kolankiewicz

I regret I do not have a dear whose wrinkles I watch increase.


Instead, I accept the usual convention

because someone is

depending on me.


Instead, I study my own creeping lines,

the furrows from nose to chin,

upward scratches on the lip,

creeping jowl—

the face emerging—a familiar,

beloved potato shriveling.




Most recently Sandra Kolankiewicz’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Gargoyle, Rhino, Psychic Meatloaf, Cortland Review, New Plains Review, Nocuta, Chaffey Review, Solo Novo, Bellingham Review, SNReview, Shark Reef, Monkeybicycle, Inertia, Atticus, and Anamalous Press. Turning Inside Out won the Black River Chapbook Prize and is available from Black Lawrence Press. Blue Eyes Don’t Cry won the Hackney Award for the Novel.

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