Ice Storm

By Cynthia Eddy

The ice between them

Will not thaw

Instead her ice laden lips

Turn his icy blue.


She did not predict

This frozen storm

In fact, she longed

For his fiery lips


The blood between them

Is solid, frozen in their veins

The arteries pump

nothing to the heart


Ah, the heart waits

For the bloody warmth

But the ice between them

Will not thaw.



Cynthia Eddy lives and writes on the eastern shore of Virginia.  The quiet village sustains her sense of neighbor and belonging.  She holds a BA in Art History. Poetry creates a chord between reader and poet.  That chord remains long after the reading.  Every poem reaches into the reader and brings forth an understanding, a moment of ‘I’ve been there’. She has been published in Third Wednesday, Eunoia Review and in Emerge Literary Journal.

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