Cactus Juice

By Randy Aittaniemi

The mirage oasis in the midst of the arid desert, now

a bountiful plane with supple green pastures.

Lions bob for bound up prairie dogs

to see which is the alpha. Kangaroos use

pogo sticks to play hop scotch, koalas in pouch

wearing leather helmets and driving goggles. I stare

up at the clouds and the passing flock

of chickens, flying

in their patent V shaped pattern.

They are being plucked

out of the sky by foxes in checkered pants with English hunting rifles.

Mischievous baboons pick Land Rover locks

so that deer can speed on highways,

running down hunters caught in the headlights.

Lazy beavers relax by the overflowing pond.

Camels serve drinks at the bar,

I order my usual. Sipping on tequila

through crazy straws, laughing with zebras in the shade,

so as to avoid falling chickens.



Randall Aittaniemi is 23 years old and lives in Sandwich Massachusetts. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst where his love of poetry sprouted and has previously been published in Carty’s Poetry Journal.

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