Issue 5.3

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Fortunately by Jocelyn Paige Kelly

Taking a Dive by Olaf Kroneman

Narrow Passage by John Danahy

Tears of an Entertainment Professional by Ron Darian

Gunter Says by B.P. Greenbaum

Last Sunset Over Loopytown by Heath Lambert

Aqualung by Tamara K. Adelman

The Garden by Alain Marciano

Only Ruins by John M. Radosta

The Secret Apple by E.J. Simon

White Torture by Farnoosh Moshiri


Zentropy by Joel Allegretti

Twenty-Three Cats by Sandy Anderson

Teapot Espionage by Judith Cody

Evolution by Leisha Douglas

Grace or Portent? by Leisha Douglas

Spool by Alison Hicks

1812: What the Master Gunner Knows by Edward Adams

Thaw by Jean Howard

Blazes by Jean Howard

The Cycle by Bleuzette La Feir

Every Dog Knows by Timothy P. McLafferty

Night Lilies by Alan Meyrowitz

Ford by Hilary Sideris

Peter by Hilary Sideris

A Moon Rock of Your Own by Helen Wickes

While Traveling West on Highway 36 in Northern Kansas by Dustin T. Witte

Invale, Nebraska, Is Home to Two True Friends by Dustin T. Witte

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