Falling Leaves

By Carol Smallwood

whirlpool and when you think

you know the prevailing wind

turn scurrying mice–

or thoughts when trying

to sleep


A barn is almost swallowed

by new development,

the farm house recently gone—

the barn still red


Nearby stands a tree

with all leaves gone

from sea change without

having seen the sea


Each fall day

I feel more the visitor

in a strange land


Carol Smallwood co-edited (Molly Peacock, foreword) Women on Poetry: Tips on Writing, Teaching and Publishing by Successful Women Poets (McFarland, 2012); Compartments: Poems on Nature, Femininity and Other Realms (Anaphora Literary Press, 2011) was nominated for the Pushcart. Women Writing on Family: Tips on Writing, Teaching and Publishing, (Key Publishing House, 2012) is her most recent book. Her sixth anthology for the American Library Association, Bringing Arts into the Library, is forthcoming. Some magazine credits include: The Writer’s Chronicle, English Journal.

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