By Hiram Goza

Think of banana trees

in bloom by the brown river


of elephant ears and caladiums

around the back porch with swing.


Contemplate fried perch and gumbo

the bottle of Tabasco always on the table.


The water flowed lazily past the house

and pines whispered of losses yet to come


as he scooped the seeds from half a cantaloupe

filled the space with vanilla ice-cream.


You want to go out with me again or not?

he said, already knowing the answer.


When she shook her head, he jumped in his car


taking the cantaloupe and her mother’s

stainless steel teaspoon with him.

That’s all I wanted to know, he said.


Hiram Goza’s work has appeared in a wide variety of literary magazines, including Blip Magazine and Many Mountains Moving. Her first novel, Birds of Paradise, was published in 2005. She is finishing her second novel and has completed a book of poetry.

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