Crossing the Border

By Nabin Kumar Chhetri

We wait for the wind

to push the clouds farther

to our side, just enough

to hide the moon this November night.

The air is sharp.

By then, the village where we had stayed

dwindles in a distance.

The warmth of the fire, we made, last night

still clings to our skin; Faces we met,

sinks in our memory.

We push ourselves through the sugarcane field.

The sound of our feet drowns

with the sound of leaves.

Leaves beating upon leaves

as the whole field waltzes in the wind.

Dogs bark at a distance.

The air around us freezes.

Fear creeps, our breath is held low.

We leave our land, step by step

as we walk through the night

towards the edge of the border

where our country ends.


Nabin Kumar Chhetri is a Nepalese poet. He is a member of Scottish PEN. He graduated with a degree of M.Litt in Novel from the University of Aberdeen. He has been awarded from Italy, Israel and Nepal for his poems. He has recently won a special mention for his poem “Memory” from Nosside International Poetry prize, Italy. Last year he won a honorary mention from the same organization. His anthology Zero Passion (ISBN No. 8186056238) published by writers Forum, India has been catalogued in the National Library, Minister of Culture, India.

His poetry has been published in Weyfarers (UK), Ricepaper Magazine (Canada), Penny Dreadful (USA), The Sun (India), Nosside Poetry Anthology (Italy), Quest (India), Spinny Babbler (Nepal), Mawaheb ( Canada), Poetry Quarterly (China), Fade Poetry Journal (UK), Cynic magazine, New York (US), Tower Journal (US),  Poetic Justice – Amnesty International Anthology (Scotland), Featured Poet of the week in Poetry Super Highway (US), Reverie Poetry Journal (US), Taj Mahal review (India), Revival Literary Journal (Ireland), Essence Poetry Journal (Scotland) and Sixers Review (US).

His poems are due to appear in The Single Hound (US), Verse Wisconsin (US), The London Grip (UK), Nosside Anthology—2012 (Italy) and Forge (US).

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