By Richard N. Bentley

It’s the pitch,

confined, starving to seize

again the technologies

of rapture.

Endless the music that,

at a dribble of water

lifts without limits

the screeching charades, the burbled devotions.


I push the PLAY button,

Tylman Susato

You are alive again,

the brisk Allemaingien no longer spirited,

merely pretty, nearly

banal, as it is

in all the fading sound,

where once it made a pattern, from

whose infinite

repeatability within my mind

defied all substance.


Dick Bentley’s books, Post-Freudian Dreaming and A General Theory of Desire, are available at Amazon & Powell’s. He’s a Pushcart Prize nominee, and won the Paris Review/Paris Writers Workshop International Fiction Award. He has published over 200 works of fiction, poetry and memoir in Literary Magazines and Quarterlies in the US, the UK, France, Canada and Brazil. His next book will be titled All Rise. The cover features a picture of an unshaven Chief Justice Roberts with holes in his judicial robe, mud all over his face, and a swarm of fleas and gnats circling his head.  In the background, by contrast, are Botticelli’s Venus Rising from the Half Shell, helium balloons, a rising sun, and lots of butterflies. Check out his website www.dickbentley.com He loves hearing from readers. 413-256-0240 

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