What’s new for 2012?

Forge shifts and jukes like a prize fight boxer. Here are some of the changes you can look forward to in the coming year.

Our first, and biggest, project is to overhaul the archives in order to make past issues more accessible. If you wander over to the Archives section at them moment, you’ll discover a nifty layout of thumbnails of the covers from the past issues. Our goal is to catalog the extensive, and mostly invisible, backlist of stories and poems and reviews and such and give them each an interactive table of contents like you see on our home page for the current issue. These TOCs will be accessed through the issue cover. This will take a while, so bear with us.

We are also introducing a Store with merchandise featuring more of our past cover artwork (“Past Cover Artwork” is really looking to be the popular pre-season choice for MVP…). We will be splitting the profits from sales with the artists.

My own New Year’s resolution is to post more on the blog. I say it every year (not out loud, to anyone in particular — let’s be clear about that), but just like my resolutions to eat more green vegetables and finally read Moby Dick, this one may be hit and miss. But I’ll try. Possible blog entry titles: “Disappointment with LOST, or, Why Its Fine with Me If George R.R. Martin Takes Another Ten Years to Complete his A Song of Ice and Fire Series.”

Brevity is the soul of … something, I think. Or maybe not.

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