The Breeze

By Christopher J. Roe


A song comes curling in on a soft Atlantic breeze

a Celtic whisper in my ear touching off a feeling

of wanderlust deep in some vestigial memory

buried in an immigrant soul we all carry within.


Each Spring, this welcomed love song returns

to ease the yearning for the island in my heart

land of legends and history of equal probabilities

its people, all brothers and sisters to my artistic soul.


That took me in, enlightened me, nourished me

and made love to me in the green light of dreams

as air kissed by peat and bog infused my body

with Celtic resolve and Gaelic pride made new.


Primal place of pilgrim’s pride my spirit frees

to soar to creative heights unknown before

curling in to me on a soft Atlantic breeze

kissing a cold, rock hard New England shore.


Chris has been painting for over forty years and writing seriously for five years.  He studied art and graphic design briefly at the School of the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, a semester at the University of Louisville in Kentucky and four years at the University of Massachusetts/Dartmouth – 1963-1967.  After a forty-four year career in advertising as an award winning art director and graphic designer, he retired to  pursue his art and writing full time.  He has written twelve volumes of poetry as well as his memoir, “Dead Rainbows”. Most recently he has five poems appearing in upcoming issues of Vox Poetica, as well as others appearing in The Monarch Review, The Forge Journal, Apollo’s Lyre and Black Heart Magazine.  His paintings are in private collections in the United States, Canada and Europe.

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