By Toshihiro Taya


Spring sun broke off the young sliver fox’s marriage

Tragic snowbroth rushed into the stream(1)

Raptly bathing he-fox was a capture of her visage

Emergent flood swallowed him with a scream

And mercilessly left her heart a fatal damage

Meeting with him was an only empty dream


(1) Snowbroth means melted snow


I was born in Wakayama, Japan on Oct 17,1958. When I was 18, I moved to Osaka and graduated from Osaka University(department of engineering). Later I worked at a patent attorney’s office in Osaka. I started to write English poems when I was 36. 3 poems of mine, Fountain, Bohemian Glass and Broadcast Satellite were carried on an online magazine of Danse Macabre du Jour. And my poem Two Exits was accepted by PF publisher.

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