Two Poets Calling It Quits

By James Valvis
If my luve was like a red, red rose,
your luve was like a red wheelbarrow,
and if I compared thee to a summer’s day,
you compared me to its flies,
and if I saw the best minds of my generation,
you at least saw me to the door,
where I said, What could frame thy fearful symmetry?
and you replied, Daddy, daddy, we’re through.




James Valvis lives in Issaquah, Washington. Publishing for over two decades, his work has recently appeared in 5 AM, Confrontation, Nimrod, Rattle, Southern Indiana Review, and is forthcoming in Arts & Letters, Atlanta Review, Crab Creek Review, Gargoyle, Hanging Loose, Hawaii Pacific Review, Los Angeles Review, Midwest Quarterly, New York Quarterly, Pank, South Carolina Review, and elsewhere. A book-length collection of his poems is due from Aortic Books.


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