The Incredible Hulk Tells His Tale

By James Valvis
Hulk smash
Hulk smash quarry rock
Hulk smash 8-5 six days a week
Hulk get Sundays off
Hulk paid minimum wage
Hulk need better benefits
Hulk married to She-Hulk
Hulk listen to her bitch
Hulk tell her try working job
Hulk have three green babies
Hulk kids look like avocados
Hulk kids side with mother
Hulk kids always hungry
Hulk hate smashing rocks
Hulk tired of smashing
Hulk want to write poetry
Hulk wife says shut up
Hulk sick of She-Hulk
Hulk sick of Hulk kids
Hulk sulk
Hulk drink
Hulk smash fist through bedroom door
Hulk spend night in jail
Hulk get divorce
Hulk pay alimony and child support
Hulk smash rocks on Sundays now too
Hulk wish he was scientist
Hulk would change Hulk
Hulk grow small
Hulk wear shirt
Hulk wear shoes
Hulk have name like Bruce
Hulk leave it all behind
Hulk hitchhike from town to town
Hulk pretend to search for cure


James Valvis lives in Issaquah, Washington. Publishing for over two decades, his work has recently appeared in 5 AM, Confrontation, Nimrod, Rattle, Southern Indiana Review, and is forthcoming in Arts & Letters, Atlanta Review, Crab Creek Review, Gargoyle, Hanging Loose, Hawaii Pacific Review, Los Angeles Review, Midwest Quarterly, New York Quarterly, Pank, South Carolina Review, and elsewhere. A book-length collection of his poems is due from Aortic Books.


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