By Daniel Gallik

She yelled at the kids.
They weren’t even hers.
Told Ohio Edison
they were wrong
on their meter reading.

Said her divorced hubby
had ringworm once.
Questioned her current
hubby, you don’t know
how to hug me, do you?

Cried a lot about famine.
Ate way too much
after supper. Said, I drink
a beer a day. When really,
she drank much more.

Her doctor told her
what to do.  She told
her pastor that she was
going to hell. He winced,
said, I don’t know.



Daniel Gallik has had poetry and short stories published by Hawaii Review, Parabola, Nimrod, Limestone (Univ. of Kentucky), The Hiram Poetry Review, Aura (Univ. of Alabama), and Whiskey Island (Cleveland State Univ.).  He has placed writings in hundreds of online journals.  Mr. Gallik has just signed a three book deal with Author’s Niche.  His first novel, “Dumb Fate” will be published early next year.

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