By Clinton Van Inman


If we could dance just one more night away

Filled with champagne and candlelight,

In hours held by our own delight,

Only this and this alone would please.

Like Chablis mixed with sweet bouquet

In moments we soon shall not forget

Save all not close to the clarinet,

Where only perfume and tobacco lingers

Our love shall rise above all of these.

While we tango upon the outer terrace

Moonbeams shall fall upon your face,

And I shall say that nothing really matters

Except this time that we have passed

Because we have saved our best for last.





I am a high school teacher in Hillsborough County, Florida.  I am 65 and a graduate of San Diego State University. I was born in England.  I have had many publications throughout the years.  Recent publications are Blackcatpoem.com, Tower Journal,  The Hudson View, Winter 2011,  Inquisition Poetry, and Munyari.com to name a few.  These poems are included in future book called, “One Last Beat,” as I believe we Beatniks are a dying breed.  I am married and live in Sun City Center, Florida.


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