I see

By Luba Miladinova


I see: not so many meetings

do offer us eternity;

you understand the whole absurd

surrounding us,

and as if putting a cross on Devil’s circle

you can walk free…


I see: your heart in the mystic music

bather to oblivion;

unextinguishable stars and ancient paths

crossing their flashes…


I see: we walk forward,

led by a Sphinx’s face;

I know, you keep inside no doubts,

beyond the cross the sacred road

fades toward our love.


I see: the time has stopped

and with intoxicating glance

you show to me the exit

from death’s Labyrinth.




Luba Miladinova, born in Bulgaria studied architecture and through the years she was occupied by jobs related to it. Despite the circumstances this didn’t stop her from writing from 1980s to now, willingly hiding away her work. Currently working in the International Academy of Architecture, she wants to dedicate herself entirely to the arts, because that’s what inspires her – cosmos, the beauty of the nature, people of high spiritual value and so on. She chases her dream – to publish a books with her work, enjoy the beauty of this planet and of course – to put a ding in the Universe!” Visit Luba’s about.me page at http://about.me/miladinova.

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