By Daniel Gallik

She was ruffled, felt rough around the edges,
and wanted out of her life with her current beau.
She said, I don’t want him.  I don’t want any of this.

After a few hours of talking to the walls in her apt.
she said, I am getting out of here.  I am leaving
for points elsewhere. Her boyfriend was at work.

He lived in an apt. two floors underneath her.
She left him a note, John, I am leaving for points
unknown.  Never did like you.  Never liked Ohio.

She signed it Grace. She had never understood
direction.  She left, went down a highway, and kept
driving till she needed gas, bought some and kept

driving until she needed another tank.  Then she
halted at the nearest apt., looked at one, signed
the lease, and moved in.  She had 1 duffle bag.

A day later she found a job at a McDonald’s.  Met
a man named Bob. And settled down with a smile
on her face. Sweet somethings within her eyes.



Daniel Gallik has had poetry and short stories published by Hawaii Review, Parabola, Nimrod, Limestone (Univ. of Kentucky), The Hiram Poetry Review, Aura (Univ. of Alabama), and Whiskey Island (Cleveland State Univ.).  He has placed writings in hundreds of online journals.  Mr. Gallik has just signed a three book deal with Author’s Niche.  His first novel, “Dumb Fate” will be published early next year.


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