By Deepak Chaswal


Somebody is trying to unearth the reality

which is hidden beneath the coffins

of those who never smiled

Or never allowed to smile.


A child without the skin

is calling the mother

for something to drink – the mother

who is deaf and dumb.


An half old musician is composing

a song of bloodshed

He has stolen the tongue

of a great singer after

killing him.


Some old women are crying in

a semi-circle on the

dead body of a man

whose soul has

been stolen by a gunman


A white cloth is lying

on the floor of

a temple.


Some priests are chanting

for the arrival of

the Devil.


A Christ like figure

is appearing from

the mist.


By looking at his forehead

A one eyed man

has started coughing

And said

in a voice which is

sharp like the sword –

The Man must have

seen the dead body of

God in an Oil Well.


Deepak Chaswal is a poet and critic from the soil of India. He is also Prof. of English. His poetry and research articles exhibit his perception of the universe from the perspective of an insider. His poems and research papers have been published in reputed international poetry and research journals like Pacific Review, Sam Smith The Journal, Pamona Valley Review, Bicycle Review, Earthborne Poetry Magazine, Kritya- A Journal of Poetry, Indian Ruminations, Diviner, Language in India, IUP journal of American Literature etc.  Contact him at dchaswal@gmail.com.


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