Comes in shades and bangs

By Haley Thompson


Things take us, a hard time back

it seems.


Pureness: your outline, reading under a tree limb


Your wedding was so satisfying


The strawberry salad,

you bit your lip.


It comes in waves of light: make everything dancing


Wear yourself not to be placed in time

To be always as I thought you

Saw you


Under the scarf light, leaning a door frame

measuring the height of our paintings




Haley Thompson is a recent graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. She was born and raised

in Iowa and currently lives in Iowa City. On weekends she is a writing teacher for the Iowa Youth Writing

Project, a non-profit program that helps local kids of all ages to become more involved in their writing.

During the week she is a manager of a large consignment store outside of Iowa City. This is Haley’s first


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