by Ron Yazinski


I have my fears of this solitary beech,

Its gnarled limbs

Like arthritic arms raised in senility against the sky,


Bearing some old grief in silence—

Every year,

Pushing the blue heavens and earth farther apart.




I am a retired English teacher who lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania with my wife Jeanne.

My poems have appeared in The Journal of the Mulberry Poets and Writers Association, Strong Verse, The Bijou Review, The Edison Literary Review, Lunarosity, Penwood, Jones Av., Chantarelle’s Notebook, Centrifugal, Nefarious Ballerina, The Talon, Amarillo Bay, The Write Room, Pulsar, Sunken Lines, Wilderness House, Blast Furnace, The Houston Literary Review, Menagerie, H.O.D., Forge, Indigo Rising, and Crash. I am also the author of the chapbook HOUSES: AN AMERICAN ZODIAC, which was published by The Poetry Library and a book of poems SOUTH OF SCRANTON.

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