by Bruce McRae


Bugs in drawers, in display cabinets.

Bugs on the stilts of silver stick-pins,

their compound eyes, yes, bugged out,

victims of their own success, Jurassic survivors

now at odds with the vicissitudes of Man,

unreasonable mankind’s gases and oils

making mockery of a Creator’s favoured creatures,

whom He, in His all-knowing beneficence,

sprinkled far and wide over the countryside,

outnumbering sand grains and stars,

slaughtered for their itches, bites and stings,

butchered for their crawling and buzzing,

for going on six or eight legs; or more.

For daring to challenge our existence.


Canadian Bruce McRae has had almost 600 publications in the past 12 years. Originally from Niagara Falls, he has moved extensively, currently residing in Vancouver BC. A musician, who has recorded and toured, many of his poems have been set to music receiving airplay in the UK, U.S., Canada and Australia. His website is www.bpmcrae.com. His first collection, The So-Called Sonnets, was written in London between 2002 and 2006.


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