Raising Sons

By Kim Morris-McCraney

I am woman

from the strands of my hair to the tips of my toes

I am raising sons to be men

in a world not sympathetic to my woes

sons y’all

I am raising sons from my breast, to my knees, to my hips, to towering over me

I am raising son, raising sons

from an image of what a man is suppose to be

my father, raised by his father, his father, his father and his father

symbolic of strength, intellect, love and family

no instructions included, not theories proven right

Just a woman raising sons

gloved for fight after fight

with stereotyping, profiling and the system

I’m raising sons to be strong black men

not victims

men with conquering minds, hearts of love, who walk in the footsteps of righteousness

whose calloused hands mold, shape and create

I am raising sons

from little black boys to strong black men

I stand firm and mediate

though I am woman

the seeds I sowed excluded the wo—

and came up man

sons y’all

handsome black sons

raised by woman.


Kimberly A. Morris was born and raised in rural Elaine, Arkansas. She is the mother of four children and has three siblings. Reading and writing became a way to past time during visits at her grandparent’s residence where she often spent summer vacation and weekends. Her Grandpa often told her stories while enjoying the summer evenings on the front porch. She wanted to be able to write stories like the imaginative ones her grandfather held her captive with. She graduated from Arkansas State University with a B.A. in English. She is currently pursuing a degree in journalism.

Currently, Kim is putting the finishing touches on her first fiction book. Kim’s favorite pastimes are writing, reading, bookstore browsing, watching and playing basketball.

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  1. cjbranch says:

    Beautiful and profound!!!