Dirty Deed

By Mike Berger

Tears welled up in her eyes

splashing down her face splattering

where they fell. The knife in her

hand trembled. She took several

deep breaths to bolster her courage.


This was clearly a premeditated act.

Mechanical efficiency guided the

knife. Suddenly, overcome tears

began to flow.


She looked away. The sight was

too much for her. The knife slipped

from her hand. Her mind was foggy

and she began to shake.


When her mind cleared, she gulped.

The trembling had stopped. Words

formed  on her lips. She choked out,

“Ah! That onion is strong.”


I am 72 years old. I have a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and was a practicing psychotherapist for 30 years. I am now fully retired. I have authored two books of short stories.  I have published in numerous professional journals. I have freelanced for more than 20 years.  My humor pieces Clyde and Goliath, Good Grief Columbus, and If Noah Built the Ark Today have won awards.  I am now writing poetry full-time. I have many pursuits which include sculpting, painting, gardening and baking bread.  My forcaccia is to die for.

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