Ugly Organ Crows

By Kevin Del Principe

There are pieces of me all over the floor

Plastered to the walls

Dripping from our lamps

These fleshy slivers have their own colors

And corresponding tones

The ugly organ is still playing strongly

Made with my dark wine and bones

Crows fly out my mouth

And encircle the phantom company

Delicate angels rest on our shoulders

We draw their slippery portraits

On each other’s glowing fingernails

Then offer them sincere kisses

That they freely accept

Before they slide off into other fantastic worlds


Originally hailing from Buffalo, Kevin now resides in the greater Cincinnati area with his wife and two dogs.  There, he writes and teaches.  His latest short play Super Ball and Chain opened at the In a NY Minute Festival in NYC.  Recent poetry publications may be found in Paradigm, Calliope Nerve, Foliate Oak, Leaf Garden, and The Glass Coin, with forthcoming publications in The Driftwood Review and The Stray Branch.

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