True Ghosts

By Kevin Del Principe

Sinister grins manufactured in dull factories

A laughing crow reflected on a hallowed bone

Wonderful gods climbing out of a low pocket

All images set upon images are set up

For fantastic religious experiences

Ecstatic dancing revelries of daring fireflies

Create currents of wild light clipping the darkness

What do you believe when you’re believing

Is it my dreams that are dreaming

I see myself praying at an alter built by

A misapprehended lizard and a somnolent eagle

There are overpowering bells in the distance

A violin plays itself out of tune

Snow falls and disappears like true ghosts

In a world of desperately moving shadows

Made of destitute kings and proud gypsies

A moth flies hurriedly to the flame

Totally unconcerned with what to do upon arrival


Originally hailing from Buffalo, Kevin now resides in the greater Cincinnati area with his wife and two dogs.  There, he writes and teaches.  His latest short play Super Ball and Chain opened at the In a NY Minute Festival in NYC.  Recent poetry publications may be found in Paradigm, Calliope Nerve, Foliate Oak, Leaf Garden, and The Glass Coin, with forthcoming publications in The Driftwood Review and The Stray Branch.

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