The Innocence of Dreams

By Kevin Del Principe

A lone candle unlit

In an empty room

A lonely ghost

Softly touches my shoulder

I look back

On the quiet years

As they whisper longingly

For gentle remembrance

Fiery angels paint

Gossamer shrouded bridges

Between vibrant worlds

I desperately travel

In the sincere desire that

The innocence of dreams

Will carry me to you


Originally hailing from Buffalo, Kevin now resides in the greater Cincinnati area with his wife and two dogs.  There, he writes and teaches.  His latest short play Super Ball and Chain opened at the In a NY Minute Festival in NYC.  Recent poetry publications may be found in Paradigm, Calliope Nerve, Foliate Oak, Leaf Garden, and The Glass Coin, with forthcoming publications in The Driftwood Review and The Stray Branch.

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