Just Know And Realize

By David Lucas

Shed your useless skin
Lose yourself in who and what you truly are

Lie to no one
Least of your own self.

There are realities within realities.
Worlds that have been, could be and are

Endless possibilities
Endless loves, lies, hates and fears.

You know what I speak of
Even though I write in riddles
For one sees what one wishes to see

Shed the membrane…
shed the scales off your eyes

And see the world

Look at it in a new light and
Breathe in the world.

Feel the light, the heat
The cold, the darkness.

Take everything in
and know…

David Lucas.  39 year old English Quebecer residing in Montreal.  Attempts to open his eyes and others to the world around him and still struggles to find his place amongst the crowd.

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