God’s Finger

By Kevin Del Principe

The world draws near

Then fades into the mist

I browse through our cupboards

And uncover old mysteries

A heart pumping black ink

A long legged gypsy

Selling daffodils from a cart

A scrap of yellowing paper

Sending whispers like sweet kisses

I lay on the closest shelf

And rest there

Until the heavens open

And each name is written

By god’s finger


Originally hailing from Buffalo, Kevin now resides in the greater Cincinnati area with his wife and two dogs.  There, he writes and teaches.  His latest short play Super Ball and Chain opened at the In a NY Minute Festival in NYC.  Recent poetry publications may be found in Paradigm, Calliope Nerve, Foliate Oak, Leaf Garden, and The Glass Coin, with forthcoming publications in The Driftwood Review and The Stray Branch.

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