Rice Boy web comic

I’m not sure how I’ve missed this for so long.

The website www.rice-boy.com contains several storylines set within a created fantasy world, a clear labor of love by artist (and writer) Evan Dahm.

Wikipedia describes his stories as surrealist, fantastic, epic. Those are all true, but don’t quite capture the awesomeness. Add to that Dahm’s immersive and rich artistic designs for landscape, cities, characters (it sometimes brings Dr Seuss to mind …), all surrounding compelling storylines, and you have something that must be experienced.

Two primary stories exist: Rice Boy (now finished) and Order of Tales (ongoing, and in black and white). Both are set in the same world, but have very different qualities of tone and design. Both are impressive. Rice Boy is striking for it’s artistic vision and use of color and design. Order of Tales moves in a drastic new direction, abandoning color for black and white. It employs a strong focus on story and character, and is a well-paced adventure narrative with a satisfying conclusion.

Dahm uses deceptively simplistic artwork in a sophisticated way to tell his stories, and the visuals he is able to achieve are often quite stunning. (Just check out one of the opening pages … it’s almost like something out of a Vincent Van Gogh painting.) It soon becomes clear that Dahm is using the artwork exactly as he wants to set the tone. He often propels the story with nothing but images.

If you haven’t seen this site before. I’d highly recommend checking it out.


UPDATE: A third storyline is now in progress, entitled Vatu. Don’t miss it!

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