The Dreams of Great Men

By Holly Day

Robert Moog never intended

for the synthesizer to take the place of

natural instruments. His dream

was that musicians would reach for ethereal heights

create sounds never heard before, far past

the hiccups of “Popcorn” and Walter/Wendy Carlos.
Philip Glass said

“Well, that’s the way it goes – I still

play piano sounds only on the piano

to honor Robert’s vision.” We talk

of Hiroshima, brain tumors, skirt around

the issue of death, instead
talk of a day when the steady slurpings of trees are sampled

for discos, when the crunch of tiny rocks in avalanches

replace rhythm tracks, of high tide bass lines

and singing insects.


Holly Day is a travel writing instructor living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband and two children. Her most recent nonfiction books are Music Theory for Dummies, Music Composition for Dummies, and Walking Twin Cities.

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