By Edward O'Dwyer

“Fingerprint examiners routinely testify

that they have 100 percent confidence

in their results…”

– Filmmaker David Siegel

As morning honeys through the blinds

to find out what has happened

and you’re gone to the kitchen for coffee,

my mind starts setting

bright yellow tape around the bed

– Investigation Scene!  Do Not Cross! –
is careful in doing so

not to upset an atom inside,

as if to prep the area

for the meticulous eyes

of teams of hotshot detectives

and forensic specialists.
I note all the evidence piece by piece –

the shape of your head

in the flattened pillow,

the contours of your shoulders

pressed in the ragged duvet.
There too are the impressions of bum,

heels and the feint lines of legs,

arms and back,

the deep dents of my knees and hands;

all set in the fabric like putty moulds:

the imprint of the love we’ve made.
We’d be caught in no time,

I think to myself

just as you’re entering,

two mugs in your hands

and one of them held out to me.
“How could we ever hope

to get away with it,”

I say to you, accepting the mug

and looking still at the bed;

like a fingerprint,

conclusively, undeniably ours.


Edward O’Dwyer, 25, is from Limerick, Ireland, where he organises the weekly White House Poetry readings (  He is previously published in Poetry Ireland Review, THE SHOp, Southword, Crannóg, The Stony Thursday Book, Revival, Boyne Berries, Census: the Seven Towers Anthology, Tinteán, The Journal, Agenda, Eleutheria: the Scottish Poetry Review, Imitation Fruit, Dark Lady Poetry, The Honey Land Review, Danse Macabre, and Illogical Muse.  The sequence of twelve of poems entitled Oboe was published in a chapbook by Revival Press (2007).  He has been selected for Poetry Ireland’s Introduction Series 2010 and a selection of his poems is currently being translated into Slovene.

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