No Color Here

By David Brennan

(Behind a backlit screen stand the shadow figures of two men. While the narrator speaks the men repeat these three actions, in random order:

  1. 1. They kiss passionately.
  2. 2. They draw swords and fight.
  3. 3. They separate. They converge. They wail like dogs.)



His songs of war

Are casually mistaken

For songs of calm amor.


Like a dog’s urinations,


Is his territory.


His songs have earned

A remote celebrity.

He won’t sign autographs.


He is Danish.

That undead feeling.

Feline, unenterable.


(Repeat until shadow-figures have exhausted possibilities.)

(As the NARRATOR waxes silent, the two shadow-figures stand directly in front / behind one another, so as to appear like one Man.)


David Brennan’s work has appeared and is forthcoming in Action Yes, Parthenon West Review, H_NGM_N, Pank, Beeswax and elsewhere.  His first book of poetry, The White Visitation, is forthcoming from BlazeVOX books. He lives and teaches writing in Virginia.

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