By Clay Carpenter

dutiful in black loam nymphs wait

strapping on four-inch heels sucking

sap and counting minutes necks noosed

pupils hugged glassy wings at the ready

applying mascara a cocked eyebrow

a slap on the back


at evening instinct draws the army

to the surface confident as an

alarm clock teeming thousands

to the gates shedding golden skins,

sport coats airs to emerge into

the absolution of night singing

snoring summer

winter outside

indoors ambition



Clay Carpenter is a newspaper copy editor in Corpus Christi, Texas. He lives with his wife, two daughters, a golden retriever and an ornery cat, all of whom provide plenty of inspiration for his poetry. His work has appeared in literary magazines including “New Plains Review,” “Oak Bend Review,” “Flutter,” “Eudaimonia,” “Defenestration” and “Orange Room Review.”

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