the dark flowers best

By David McLean

the dark flowers best underneath these petals under the sun
for it is thence it spreads as the light goes
to wrap us in its night like an odor
sweet as desecration, as kisses stolen
from corpses,

and dozens of fetuses to throw at the walls
like memories tonight, so if we get bored
there is still the lovely splash
of dreams vanishing forever, like dead whores
who never got to be boring and stupid

children. the dark flowers best round nipples
in ancient porn films from the twenties
when sex was almost always safe;
the dark flowers best in a corpse’s orgasm
or a dead man laughing
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One Response to “the dark flowers best”

  1. lapia says:

    I really loved the line/stanza break between S2 & S3. It felt like a stumble perhaps like tripping over a gravestone in the dark. I wondered, though why you didn’t make use of more such line breaks. The lower case letters are effective, as well. Images like: “a dead man laughing,” and “a dozen fetuses to throw at walls,” and the “the lovely splash of dreams” are all quite impressive. The dark, omniscent quality was disturbing to my sensibilities, though, but that’s just me.