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Nunc lego qui nunc scribunt – I read now those who write now

-Robert of Cricklade

10.1 web coverThe Summer 2016 issue of Forge has arrived!  Pull up a chair and take a look at the first installment of our tenth year.

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~Melissa Venables

Uber-editor, Forge 10.1

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Judy Darley: Forest of Dolls

Joseph Eastburn: Rabbit Stew

Brian Howlett: The Secret Life of Statues

George Korolog: White on Green

R Torrence: Bride of Christ



Edward Butscher: Irony | Paranoia | Echoes

Eric Greinke: The Walls | Gypsy | Mickey | The Vagaries | The First Wave | Apollinaire

Eric Greinke and Alison Stone: Little Novels

Anselm Parlatore: #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6 | #11 | #15 | #20 | #24

Simon Perchik: 10 Poems – Summer 2016



Alex Duensing: Remember when you were born on another world– | Liberty leading its own shadow.

Mark Wyatt: Northwest Territories 1, 1979 | Northwest Territories 2, 1979 | Turkey, 1980 | France, 1980 | NYC, 2015 | Mexico, 2016